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Unicorn theory

I have been searching for the purpose. far far away i was able to see something, but it was going further and further when i'm seeking i decided to wait and rethink about it again. eventually i kind of understood that what i'm seeking is already with me and the far far away thing is just a reflection of a better myself.Now i'm looking inside me and doing whatever it (me) says. i'm pretty much sure about i can't never find the "far far away" thing but eventually i'm being better when i'm following other words, the purpose is something that we always see far far away, but it's inside. the thing that we see is our hope/dream/vision . if we pursue the "inner" thing eventually the "far far away" thing will change when we reach once instance of it. i call it the "far far away" thing as unicorn theory. it's something unknown but when i'm going with my credence, I'll reach many many instance of it and the purpose changes, it will become more more strong.for example, Now we are building . it was a "far far away" thing. but now we have reached there while pursuing our thrust. for us it's became a real instance and the purpose changed(became way better).so we are now working on it for the "far far away" thing aka purpose

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