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Dont Distrub Other!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Without proving the ROI, it's a risk to disrupt the current process! Chances are there, I might lose my job.

In one of my B2B Buying stories podcast episodes, I had a chance to talk with a Sales Enablement Leader who wants to implement a sales enablement platform for his sales team. We can call him Mr. Tom.

Any new tool, any new policies, or even a small change in the food menu will create a disruption in the daily life of employees in the organization. They will protest; at least, they will take a pause to understand and reflect.

What's your success rate in convincing your family to adopt a pet? For me, it is zero😢. Anywhere, in your team, for your whole company, or even in your family, Change management is complex, and it takes a unique skill set and different strategies to get a successful outcome. Chances for failure are high.

Lets hear the story from Mr. Tom.

As a Sales Enablement Leader, I know how a sales enablement tool will increase the sales team's effectiveness. But the sales enablement tool I want to implement will create 5 major disruptions in the daily workflows and the behavior of different functions and people.

Currently, Content Marketing and Product Marketing team are using Dropbox to manage all the content to increase brand awareness, for demand gen, and to help salespeople close deals at different stages of the funnel.

Salespeople are used to the behavior of using Confluence, where the locations of every sales content are provided as links. So whenever a customer asks for a piece of information, they have to copy-paste the link over email to share content with customers.

Adding a new tool for salespeople, Mr. VP sales is a little skeptical 🤔about whether it will disrupt their current workflow, and the chances are there it can reflect this quarter's revenue.

The IT teams, aka Heimdalls👀, have to check, verify and help with all the integrations.

The finance team will "nod" their head in suspicion🤨; ok, Mr. Sales Enablement function, you can use the budget for your new fancy tool.

And at the end, have to convince myself and my heart❤️ that if the end-user, our salespeople, will the new tool disrupt their daily workflow? If they don't adopt, everything will be for nothing.

A pilot run can be a way to check the success. But Iam doubtful!. Even for that, we need to spend at least a few weeks and get help from the marketing team to transfer all the content to a new platform and organize and tag entire files. Help from IT team. Also, find some lab rats (early adopter salespeople) to use the tool in the real world.

Product design should be in such a way that we don't have to disturb anyone. Just signup and start using it in minutes.

Slack is doing,

Dolly is doing,

Outplay is doing.

If it is a failure and zero adoption by end user, there is no loss of time, money, or effort.

No blood, No tears.

This conversation led us to rethink the design prinicpal of our sales enablement tool to make sure zero change management is required when an organsiation start using our platform for their sales team.

A manager can signup and start using it without disturbing anyone in less than 10 minutes.

Don't have to disturb the marketing team,
Don't have to disturb the IT team,
Don't have to disturb the Finance Team,

All you have to do is prove to the VP of Sales that the tool will not disrupt the workflow of salespeople; rather, it enhances their speed and productivity. A 3-minute product demo video will work here, where all you have to mention is it is

a browser plugin like grammarly that recommend most relevant and latest content to share with buyer via email/Linekdin in zero-click

And even we bring the zero change management design principle to our pricing structure. An organization can onboard its entire sales team and use our platform's complete features without spending any money. They can start paying us once we reduce the current sales cycle by 15%.

Do you think this use case resonates with you? If yes, have a look at our technology and if it is a fit for your organisation join our beta program and use it free for a year.

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